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Cerro Farm Products

The cuisine reflects the special position of the company, between Emilia and Tuscany, so that there are all the typical dishes of the Emilian mountains but with a strong Tuscan influence.

traditional touscan dishes

Our specialties are:

Farm Holidays fiumalbo il cerroPASTAS - the soup of farro, barley, ribollita, the Petrosemolo and garmugia; tortelloni, tagliatelle, tortellini, strozzapreti sedanini, tortiglioni homemade.

Farm Holidays fiumalbo il cerroMAIN COURSES - game (wild boar, roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, hare), chicken, rabbit, turkey, duck, guinea fowl and ostrich reared on farm, vegetables from own production. Made bread.

Farm Holidays il Cerro Fiumalbo

The company also has double rooms, tastefully decorated in typical mountain style, with bath and possibility of a third bed.
There are also apartments with kitchenette to 4 beds, treated in detail and in detail.

Farm Eco-friendly

The farm is equipped with a wind turbine for the production of energy, every unit of electricity produced by wind power produced otherwise replace a drive with fossil fuels. The level of emission depends on the fuel and the combustion technology and the slaughter of the fumes . It can assume the following emission values ??associated with the generation termoelelettrica :
for CO2 : 860 kg / MWh electric

The reduction in emissions associated with the use of wind energy can be estimated as follows:
CO2 ( ton) = 0.3 * A * h * 860/1000
- 0.3 is a constant that depends on the intermittent nature of wind, the availability of wind turbines and losses
- H is the number of operating hours per annum ( order of magnitude: 7000-8000 h )
- A is the theoretical power estimated energy production ( in MW )
So for example a turbine of 660 kW , which functions for 8000 hours / year , contributes to the reduction of 1,362 tons CO2/yr .

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