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Farm Holidays in Fiumalbo Modena. Farm Holidays near Abetone, Appennino Toscoemiliano

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Surroundings Agriturismo il Cerro Fiumalbo

Fiumalbo is situated on the slopes of Monte Cimone placed between the Abetone and Pievepelago in the province of Modena.
The old town is very characteristic, in fact, still has medieval features. Located in the Natural Park of Frignano, you can also explore natural environments such as the extraordinary range of mountains of the open book, the mountains and Giovo Rondinaio, Lake Saint, and that of Bacchus.
The park also includes many species of wildlife and especially a great variety of vegetation such as forests beech, oak, chestnut and conifers valuable.
You can indulge in many activities such as hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

The town of Fiumalbo includes the following fractions:
dogana faidelloDOGANA FAIDELLO
san micheleSAN MICHELE

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