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Holidays in Cutigliano

The village of Cutigliano is one of the oldest in the Pistoia mountains. Its historic center still preserves many testimonies of the period in which the town was the base of the "Captain of the Mountain", the representative delegated by Pistoia to administer the entire area. Coats of arms heraldic and details that recall the Middle Ages can be found on the façade of several buildings.

From Cutigliano many well-signposted paths and routes begin which lead into the thick of local woods, towards panoramic points of incredible beauty . They can be tackled both by bicycle and on foot. The localities of Rivoreta and Il Melo are decidedly characteristic.

The village is connected to the small Doganaccia ski resort which offers several kilometers of slopes for beginners and experts. It is perfect for those who want to ski in peace and avoid the crowds.

For a comfortable stay that allows you to easily reach all the ski slopes, take advantage of the offers of our fantastic farmhouse.